FOR OVER A CENTURY, Kraut Art Glass - Manila has installed quality, artistic, custom-made and authentic stained glass windows and leaded art glass in Metro Manila, all over the Philippines, around Asia and the rest of the world.

Kraut stained glass panels have brought beauty and life to numerous churches, universities, religious institutions, residences and public landmarks in Metro Manila and other key cities.In fact, if you see a stained glass windowor colored art glass window, that is artistically and quality made, it must be from Kraut Art Glass.

Painted by talented pool of artists and hand assembled by skilled craftsmen, the Kraut stained glass windows have followed the old tradition and process of making quality art glass and stained glass.

Handcrafted and baked, the stained glass windows do not fade in time.  Instead they even become more brilliant as the years pass.

Kraut Art Glass is the original and premiere stained glass and art glassmaker in Metro Manila, and in the Philippines.  A legacy passed on for a century, this stained glass business has been in existence in Manila since 1912. Kraut Art Glass has designed numerous Religious Stained Glass panels that adorn many places of worship.  Kraut Art Glass, or stained glass for that matter, has been synonymous to religious designs, but over the years, Residential Stained Glass has paved its way in beautifying our homes as well.  Kraut Art Glass has also developed new products such as Textured Glass and Paper Art Glassto cater to the demands of modern architectural style.

National artists, prominent architects and famous designers have collaborated with and commissioned Kraut Art Glass for their authentic stained glass and other art glass needs.

From abstract to realistic designs, from classic to modern art, Kraut Art Glass can turn your imagination to reality.  The possibilities with stained glass windows are endless.

Kraut stained glass windows are not just another art glass panel that adorn, rather they are art pieces themselves.  Our clients have their stained glass windows installed in places where they can be conspicuously seen.

Kraut Art Glass - Manila is synonymous to quality, artistic and authentic stained glass windows that last for decades. 

If you order a stained glass window, Kraut Art Glass - Manila delivers a fine masterpiece.
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